Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book Review: The Food Lover's Guide To Wine by Karen Page with Andrew Dornenburg

This book would make a great addition to a wine and food lovers library. I'm a true Oenophile, so books that teach, as well as inspire me really have a place in my kitchen library. This book is filled with wonderful quotes from philosophers, winery owners, and many other people who were, and are influential in the world of wine and food. The inside information provided by Sommeliers of famous restaurants and chefs are invaluable. The authors wanted to set out to simplify the concept of wine and food; how they are so connected to one another by the concept that foodies love food, they know flavor, and how to connect wine and food in the best possible way. I will take it a step further and say, this book makes you want to "think" of the flavor profiles of food and pair them with wine to create wonderful pairings. Certain meats, seafood, vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices pair better with certain wines. My two favorite examples of this is Sage with California Syrah, and Rosemary with California Cabernet Sauvignon.

The authors want you to enjoy learning about wine, and look at it as a learning adventure. There are tips on mastering wine, meaning learning about the different wine varietals and other important information to enhance the wine and food experience.  The authors also provide history lessons and time lines about important events regarding wine in our culture.  This book also helps a wine lover explore wine, and encourage and empower the reader to drink wines of similar profiles that are different varietals. The wines may have similar flavor profiles, but are produced from different regions of the world. There is so much valuable information in this book that I simply could not ever cover in one review; I think you need to check it out yourself to see exactly what I am talking about! This book can be found on

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  1. Lorrie, I have this book and the authors are one-of-a-kind experts. Your review is right on and thanks for reminding me to sit in my favorite chair with a glass of wine and read another section. Cheers!