Monday, July 15, 2013

Spice Review: Victoria Taylor's Kansas City Steak Rub

Let me say that this rub helped produce steaks with a delicious crust on the outside that I have never achieved with a marinade. The rub is a blend of spices and herbs including garlic, black peppercorns, paprika, mustard seeds, brown sugar, dry molasses and sea salt. It also contains soy and wheat.

I cooked two rib eye steaks, that were tenderized with my meat tenderizing tool. Then I rubbed each side with a bit of California olive oil. Next, I sprinkled the rub (generously) on each side of the steaks and gave them a good rub. I let the steaks sit on the counter, on a cutting board for about 30 minutes to take the chill off to insure great results in the cooking process, and for the meat to take in the great flavors of the rub. I heated my cast iron skillet which had about a tablespoon or so of California olive oil in it and got it hot. Make sure the oil is not to the point of smoking hot. I then placed the steaks in the hot skillet and let them sear until they were really dark brown, then turned them over and seared the other side. I also added a bit of Liquid Smoke since I cooked them inside; if I had cooked them on the outdoor grill, I would have omitted the liquid smoke. Fresh herbs add a great flavor to meat, so I added a few sage leaves to the skillet. You can omit the sage; I just like sage or rosemary with beef. The cooking time depends on how well you like your steaks done; so use your personal method of determining how you like your steaks cooked.

 But I have to say, the brown sugar made the best crust on my steaks and the spices and herbs provided the perfect balance of flavor. No need to add any salt at all, the rub is all you need. This rub really exceeded my expectations. I think it is because I have always marinated my steaks. But this time I said to myself, "Lorrie, give the rub a try." Well talking to yourself can be a good thing in this case, because I enjoyed every last bite! The only thing missing was a glass of red wine. But to be honest the steak was so good, I was okay having it without my beloved glass of red wine. I can't believe I said that, but it is the truth. We had a loaded stuffed baked potato with our steak, and I had a small salad. Yes, we were satisfied and stuffed!

This rub would work well on pork and also on small cubes of chicken on skewers. I must admit, finding a new product that enhances the foods we eat everyday is like finding a "treasure" for a foodie like me. I am always on a quest to find the "best of the best" to share with my readers. Note: This spice was a sample provided by Victoria Gourmet  SRP 3.4 ounce tin $5.99  SRP 6.6 ounce jar is $9.50

Wine Recommendation: I would pair the steaks with this rub with a great Cabernet Sauvignon or red blend with nice dark fruit flavors in the wines flavor profile.