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Wine News and the Saucy Sisters


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Hundreds of Women Expected to Gather in Downtown Franklin on Nov. 4

To Help Set World Record during 'Wine Down Main Street' Festival

            NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 2011) -- Speakers and wine experts Barbara Nowak and Beverly Pittman (known as The Saucy Sisters) will celebrate the release of their latest book by attempting to set a wine-related world record -- all for charity.

            Up to 400 women are expected to gather in downtown Franklin, Tenn., at 5 p.m. Nov. 4 (Friday) to unscrew bottles of wine simultaneously.  The record-setting event, which will help kick off Franklin's annual "Wine Down Main Street" festival, will help provide much-needed funds for the Boys & Girls Club of Williamson County.

            Nowak and Pittman also will use the event to celebrate the release of their latest book, "The Saucy Sisters Guide to Wine - What Every Girl Should Know Before She Unscrews."  The Sisters will give signed copies of their book to all the women who participate in the “unscrewing” ceremony.

            “A few years ago, people thought only cheap wine came in screwtop bottles, but that’s all changed,” said Nowak.  “On November 4th we’ll be unscrewing two incredible wines from New Zealand, Lonely Cow Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, provided by Lipman Brothers.” 

            "Unscrewers" will assemble at 5 p.m. at the Red House, a vibrant event venue just one block from the square in downtown Franklin, to the live music of The Wineauxs.  At exactly 5:45 p.m., the Saucies will give the order to unscrew the caps.  Following a celebratory toast, the opened bottles of the official “record-setting wine” will be distributed and poured throughout the festival.

            “We’re inviting all wine-loving women to join us,” said Pittman.  “Reservations are required, but you don’t have to be attending the Wine Down Main Street Festival to participate. And our friends at Foxyware will be providing their rhinestone t-shirt transfers to everyone who signs up.”

The participation fee is $10 per person, with all proceeds going to the Williamson County Boys & Girls Club units.  Tickets to the Saucy Sisters' "unscrewing wine bottles simultaneously" event go on sale Sept. 26 at  Tickets to the Wine Down Main Street Festival are sold separately and must be purchased in advance.


saucy sisters to attempt to set world record -- 2

            "The Saucy Sisters' Guide to Wine - What Every Girl Should Know Before She Unscrews," which will retail for $13.95, will be available at and selected bookstores in October.  The book is a follow-up to the popular "The Saucy Sisters’ Guide to Wine - What Every Girl Should Know Before She Uncorks" (Penguin Group, 2004).  The wine entertainers also penned "The Everything Wine Book" (Adams Media, September 2005). 

            "Our latest guide will provide the basics of wine in unconventional ways," Pittman said.  "Women will learn how to judge a man by the wine he drinks, discover ways to fake the restaurant wine-tasting ritual, and uncover wine pairings for life passages and amorous escapades.  The information is serious... the delivery is not."

            Nowak noted that the book is especially written for "the girl who would rather sip than study, who's a little overwhelmed by restaurant wine lists, who feels like an outsider in a pack of wine snobs, but who welcomes a good laugh with her wine."

            Nowak and Pittman have contributed their opinions on food and wine to national and regional publications and, for five years, hosted "Sauced!" on Nashville radio stations WLAC-AM and WAMB-AM.  They have appeared on TV talk shows in more than 20 major markets, including Tennessee Mornings on Fox 17 and Talk of the Town on WTVF-TV Channel 5 (CBS) in their hometown of Nashville.

            Pittman is a Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) who has worked for major U.S. corporations and government institutions, including Dow Chemical, ITT Corp., Pirelli Tire, Atlantic Envelope Co., and the Central Intelligence Agency.  She has trained employees at all levels -- from the hourly workforce to executives -- and has developed industry-proven meetings that are motivational and instructive.  She is a Green Belt in Six Sigma and, through her project leadership, has produced positive bottom-line results in manufacturing, sales, finance, customer service and operations.

            Nowak wrote the best-selling cooking reference book, "Cook It Right," and has served as a food and restaurant columnist for The Tennessean daily newspaper.  For four seasons, she hosted regular cooking segments on HGTV’s "Today at Home."

            The Red House, built in 1877, is traditional Southern charm on the outside with a modern twist of rock-n-roll memorabilia on the inside.  It is host to weddings, corporate meetings, fundraisers and special events of all kinds.  The Red House is located at 138 Third Avenue North in Franklin.

            Lonely Cow Wines of New Zealand are imported by R. S. Lipman, Inc. and distributed by Lipman Brothers.

            Foxyware is a primary supplier for many resellers and distributors of rhinestone transfers with over 20 years experience in the fashion, retail and promotional markets.  They create private label designs using the latest appliqués, including Swarovski, rhinestones, rhinestuds, nailheads, sequins, pearls and foils. 

            Members of the Wineauxs are veteran songwriter and wine retailer Joe Scutella; songwriter, performer and producer Paul Umbach; and musician, songwriter and U-Zoo frontman Brian Desveaux.

            The Boys & Girls Club of Williamson County enables young people, especially those most in need, to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.

            For more information about The Saucy Sisters or their new book, call (615) 807-1743, send an e-mail inquiry to, or visit

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