Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Spy Wine With My Little Eye

I love it when I get home magazines, and home catalogs and see wine as a part of a room display. So, is wine a part of our everyday culture? I say yes, and apparently so do the magazines, Hoda and Kathy Lee love wine; they always have wine, and wine experts to discuss wine on television. Also, most of the local newspapers have a small section on wine in the Food section; I think it is because wine has always been a part of some peoples lives, and it is a large part of the food world.

 I just got my May 2012 issue of the Ballard Designs catalog, and on page 45, I spied a white wine that I reviewed a while back, or it looks like it! I have wanted to do a post on how you see wine, wine glasses and wine accessories in all kinds of print ads, TV commercials and TV shows. They usually turn the bottle, so they don't provide any endorsement for any brand; at least that is why I think that they do it. What do you think? Let me know; I love hearing from my readers.

I love when the world of wine and interior design link together. I also spied a bottle of Rose` wine on the cover of the May 2012 issue of House Beautiful Magazine. Rose` is wonderful to look at, and sip in spring and summer. Note: Real men are not afraid to drink pink!  In that same issue on page 26, there were a a few pages allotted for "the Best", and I spied a Wine glass called Chateau Baccarat Red Wine Glass SRP $85.00

Check out this video; Mario loves wine as well.

Well, hope that you enjoy the read.




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