Friday, December 10, 2010

Wineries Produce More Than Wine

Jordan 2009 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Note: This was a sample provided by Jordan Winery.

As I explore more winery websites, I am re-taught that wine starts with the land. It is a crop as well as olives that make olive oil and mustard seeds that make gourmet mustard's. There are many wineries that are working ranches. Long Meadow Ranch has cattle (they sell meats), wine, olive oil and all sorts of fresh produce that come from their vineyards.

I have been fortunate to sample Jordan 2009 Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olive oil is lush, very expressive with herbal notes and a spicy finish. The mouth feel is buttery, a quality that I like in a good olive oil. I sampled the olive oil on a piece of fresh French bread; it was wonderful.

Olive oil is great when making bruschetta of any kind; whether it be to brush on the bread, add to the classic tomato, garlic and basil bruschetta or to finish any bruschetta or crostini. You really want to have a great quality olive oil. I think that this one from Jordan will work out nicely for my bruschetta appetizers and I also drizzle a little olive oil into my tomato sauce when making pasta dishes. It just adds a bit of richness to the sauce.

 Good olive oil makes a great salad dressing and marinade for beef, seafood and poultry. I add balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt. pepper, sugar, lemon juice, liquid smoke, Victoria Taylor's New Orleans Seasoning and liquid smoke to make my beef marinade; I also add a bit of leftover red wine, like Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a thing you have to taste and adjust spices until you get it "just right." I marinade the beef (steaks) for about an half an hour and then I pan sear or grill it on an indoor grill pan during the cold weather months.

I could see using this olive oil and Victoria Taylor's Tuscan Seasoning or Sicilian Seasoning on a piece of tilapia along with sea salt and pepper, and pan seared and finished in the oven . Then give it a squeeze of lemon. I think this is a quick no hassle recipe that I will try soon. I think it would pair well with with the Jordan 2008 Chardonnay. I would serve the fish with a side of angel hair herbed pasta and a simple Roma tomato and romaine lettuce salad.

Note: These seasonings were samples provided by Victoria Gourmet.

I must admit that I have not sampled these mustard's, but they sound fabulous by the description. I have sampled Leaping Lizard Wines and they were quite good. Maybe I will have the opportunity to sample a few of these mustard's and provide you with reviews. Foodies love anything that adds that next "new" flavor to a sandwich, salad dressing or dish.

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