Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wine Review: 2009 Rodney Strong Chalk Hill, Estate Chardonnay

2009 Rodney Strong Chalk Hill, Estate Chardonnay
This wine has a medium straw color. The nose is filled aromas of apple, pear, and melon along with a bit of citrus, including some tropical notes, and a bit of oak. The palates flavors mimicked the nose, with an addition of a lush mouth feel  and nice acidity on the finish. What I liked about this wine is that the oak did not overpower the purity of the fruit, hence creating a balanced wine. This wine would pair well with chicken, fish, shrimp, light appetizers and light to medium flavored cheeses. This wine would be great to pair with poultry and seafood off the grill, making it a great wine to have on hand for spring and summer. Note: This wine was a sample provided by Rodney Strong Vineyards. SRP $20.00

Try this chardonnay with my Crispy Chicken Fingers.

Lorrie’s Crispy Chicken Fingers
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
¼ teaspoon of Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning (or seasoning of your choice)
1/3 cup of Ken’s Steakhouse Honey Mustard Dressing
(Plus some to dip chicken fingers as a dipping sauce)
1 ½ cups of Panko Bread Crumbs (Japanese Bread Crumbs)
1 ½ cups of canola oil
1 brown paper bag

Cut chicken breasts in six vertical strips. You should get about 24 strips. Place chicken strips in a bowl with the honey mustard dressing, and coat all strips with dressing. Let marinate at least 15 minutes. Take Panko bread crumbs in a bag, along with the Creole Seasoning and shake.  Add one or two chicken fingers at a time and shake to cover the fingers completely. Once all fingers are coated, put canola oil in skillet on heat on medium/high, until the oil is hot. If you can flick a drop of water into the pan and it pops it is ready.  Fry about six fingers at a time, and fry until golden brown. Drain on a couple of paper towels. Serve with the Ken’s Steakhouse Honey Mustard Sauce or your favorite dipping sauce.
This recipe makes about 20-24 fingers, depending on the size of the breast.

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