Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Look Into The World Of Prosecco

For starters, I love bubbles. I don't have to have a reason to drink bubbly; I think being alive and healthy is a reason for anyone to celebrate. The great thing about Prosecco, is that there are some really good quality ones on the market at a reasonable price. Sometimes I think in another life I was Italian. I love Italian inspired decor, I call it" relaxed elegance." Okay, and I will admit to loving The Housewives of New Jersey. I just love the feel of their homes which are just designed to enjoy family, friends, and of course wine and food.

 Now Let us get back to Prosecco! I was so pleased to get samples of Valdo Prosecco from Pasternak Imports. The three prosecco's they sent me amazed me in the quality. I hope after you read my reviews that you will buy a bottle or more and sample them to experience what I experienced. I'd love to know what you think.

This wine has a beautiful light salmon color. The nose has notes of rose petals with berry notes, primarily raspberries. The palate has those same flavors noted in the nose, along with delightful tiny ongoing bubbles tickling your palate. This is a fine example of a Brut Rose` Prosecco. I would pair this wine with "Purple Haze" goat cheese, light appetizers with prosciutto as an ingredient, grilled salmon and ham. SRP $12.99
This wine has a straw color. The nose has notes of bread, apple and pear. The palate has those same fruit favors of apple and pear, along with tiny ongoing bubbles tickling the palate. This prosecco reminds me of a California sparkling wine. I was impressed! This wine would be great to sip alone or to pair with fresh goat cheese on a thin slice of french bread, light appetizers, and seafood. Would be great with oysters. SRP $10.00 Also at this price point, I call it a "bang for the buck" wine.
This wine is a deep straw color. The nose is filled with notes of citrus, pear and apple. The palate has those same flavors reflected in the nose, but I noted a hint of honey on the mid palate, along with the tickling of those tiny ongoing bubbles. This wine would be great to sip alone, but would also pair well with light appetizers and apricot glazed chicken. SRP $19.99
All three of these Italian sparklers would really be a great alternative to champagne or a more expensive California sparkling wine. Try them and tell me what you think. I also want to note that all of the wines had great balance, and are at a great price point for holiday gatherings and throughout the year when entertaining.  Note: These wines were samples provided by Pasternak Imports


  1. Thanks for the post Lorrie! I would like to try these. I generally like Cava which is also well priced with lots of flavor. The recent Prosecco I had was very light in flavor with very few bubbles. Is that common for Prosecco?

  2. Alana, I find that they, proseccos tend to have fewer bubbles. But these had nice tiny ongoing bubbles. I liked them all.

  3. Nice post Lorrie
    @Alana Prosecco is made very differently to Cava (and Champagne). Insteadof undergoing their second fermemtation in the bottle this second fermentation happens in a pressurized tank (Charmat method) and there is very little -read no- aging. The aim is to preserve the fruit flavours of the wines. Prosecco generally has less and larger bubbles than Cava and the fruit intensity will depend on the intensity of the white still wine... Hope this helps :-)