Friday, June 3, 2011

Wine Review: 2010 J "California" Pinot Gris

2010 J "California" Pinot Gris

This wine is a light straw color. The nose is filled with notes of citrus, primarily orange and tangerine zest. The palate has those citrus flavors of orange, tangerine, and lemon zest. The wine is crisp with great acidity, a hint of honey to heighten the fruit flavors and a bit of minerality on the finish. If you are a lover of Sauvignon Blancs with nice fruit, than this Pinot Gris would be a great wine to try and add to your cellar or fridge. I think this wine is great to sip alone or to pair with fish, shellfish, especially shrimp, light salads and goat cheeses.

Also, there is a "QR Code" on the back label of this 2010 vintage that can be used with your mobile device. Go to or check out my entry on News From J Vineyards and Winery to learn more about this feature.  Note:  This wine was a sample provided by J Wine. This wine has a SRP of $16.00.

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