Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rodney Strong Vineyards 2010 Chalk Hill, Estate Chardonnay

I must admit Chardonnay has not been one of my favorite wines to consume for a while. Why do you ask; because most of them have been unbalanced due to the "oak monster." I hate to have a glass of chardonnay and feel like I'm taking a "lick" of a cut oak tree. This wine was the opposite. The wine was a straw color. The nose was filled with notes of apple, lemon, a hint of pear and vanilla spice. The palate has those same flavors that you experience in the nose. The mouth feel was creamy , yet still had a freshness, which to me says that it is a "balanced" wine. This wine also has a nice finish, it lingers for a while. I really enjoyed this wine, because it restored my faith in chardonnay. The fruit was the star and the oak influence gave the wine balance, not a ton of oak. I like a wine, any wine that can stand on its own or be paired with food. This wine can do both! I would pair this wine with seafood, chicken and light cheeses. I can truly see this as a wine that I would put a little in my roasting pan when I roast an herb infused chicken. It would keep my chicken moist and add some flavor. Can you imagine how the pan drippings would taste if you thickened it to make gravy? Hint:  I use celery stalks as a roasting rack in my roasting pan, and add a bay leaf and a bit of wine if I have some on hand or water to add flavor and moisture when I roast a chicken. Well, thank you Rodney Strong Vineyards for restoring my faith in chardonnay. Note: This wine was a sample provided by Rodney Strong Vineyards SRP $20.00

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