Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Look At Chef Anne Burrell

Anne Burrell

I must admit that when I first saw Anne Burrell on television, her fast talking (i. e.  playful way of talking to her food) and flying hair was a bit too high gear for me; but after watching her cook, I was converted. She is a great chef and has a lot of passion for food. In addition, she is also one of the Food Network stars that will sip a glass of wine with her completed dishes and note if it was a great pairing.

She really cooks foods that a home cook can cook, but the food has that "restaurant look". Her show is properly named "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef." Her love of herbs, marinades and mixing flavors and textures make her a joy to watch. I also like that she tastes her food as she cooks and calls it " quality control", which is very important to me when I am cooking. She cooks real food that has a somewhat added sophistication in the finished product that would make any home cook proud. 

Below is a link with more information on Anne Burrell. The second link is a recipe that I want to try, minus the salad, because I want to serve it as an appetizer and pair it with wine. Check out the link and try to guess which varietal I will pair it with; I'll give you a hint, the wine is a great pick for spring and summer.



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