Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Aestheticism: Past and Present

The hunt is real....

An example of " Southington Co.  Quadruple Silver plate butter dish circa 1800's to 1906."

My love of all things beautiful has turned into a treasure hunt, and a history lesson. I have always loved learning new things, exploring the past and acquiring beautiful things. This antique butter dish has led me on an antique information gathering expedition!

 I have found that the company  that produced it " Southington",  stopped making home case good pieces in the late 1800's which is called the "aestheticism era." Another term used was the "romantic era" or the "Edwardian era" to describe the time from the late 1800's to 1901. It seemed to be a time of an emerging "middle class" in America, so the need for some of the nicer things in life was in demand. So many companies made beautiful silver plate pieces, many  were made with a method called "quadruple plate. "

The link below is a very good read on how to identify a true antique piece of silver plate,  and much more. The butter dish has a detachable disc with a hole in the center. My guess was because back then, they made butter at home with cream, and any liquid could drain in the bottom of the dish. Now, I have to research to see if my guess is correct.

One of my favorite interior designers to watch on YouTube is Alex Papachristidis.  He has written several interior design books. I acquired a "pre-loved" copy of one of his books on Amazon using the "used" book purchasing option. The books title is " The Age of Elegance",  Interiors by Alex Papachristidis. He once said in a video, " everything should be beautiful!"  He says it does not matter where you find it,  and I agree with him 100 percent! 

The value of something I love is "priceless!" And a big part of the hunt is finding a bargain! 

Just as the Victorians and Edwardians loved beauty, so do I.... You know times change, but people really don't change. We still have the same innate desires and needs as the individual or family,  who owned this beautiful butter dish over 130 years ago!

 We all need to feel safe, and I feel safe at home. So "home" and "all things home" has always meant a lot to me. It is more than a shelter from the exterior elements, it is "shelter" from the sometimes harshness and coldness of the world. I am a believer of " civility" and I love surrounding myself  with things that " whisper" civility to me,  or anyone who is my guest.

Great wine, great food, and great friends mixed with a bit of "pampering" is what I call living my best life! And that is why I love writing about all things home. I will continue to share my little treasures with you, as I discover them.

These images speak to a part of my past. My maternal grandmother aka "Nonnie", whom I inherited the "collecting gene" from used to say, "you have to know your past in order to understand your present!"

 I find it fascinating that something over 130 years old, is perfectly at home on this female African American Oenophiles dining room table! She will soon have an antique butter pick, and some gold foil lace doilies from!  She may be old, but she does not require much!

I do not make butter, and  she is a little too old for me to rest my butter on her without doilies! I measured the butter dish,  and a package of 4 inch doilies will fit the bill! A tape measure is your friend,  when it comes to all things home.

I would love for you to comment and tell me what type of treasures you like to collect. Thanks for reading my post, it is my passion and my pleasure!  I plan to do some wine reviews, and share more recipes and tips for entertaining with all of you. Again, I am working hard on my typo issue, so thanks in advance for your kindness and consideration.



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