Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Power of Green in Interior Design

My love affair with the color "dark green" happened many years ago. In the late 1990's my now ex-husband and I built a custom home in Eastern New Orleans. I had fallen in love with dark green granite, but our purse strings could not afford the "real thing" so we opted for a laminated "dupe" for dark green granite. I loved the counters and island in the rich green color. But in 2005, Hurricane Katrina came and destroyed it all. I was thinking about this today, if we would have spent all of that cash, it would have been destroyed by the harsh flood waters. The waters were soo toxic, that it took the silver off of sterling silver flatware!

There is some "meaning" in the colors we choose in our interiors. I happen to be in love with green, So here is a link to an article discussing green as it relates to interior design.

But time has gone by, and I realized my love for dark green is alive and well. I have begun to see all the other colors that can be paired with green. Green represents richness and life to me. We love money and grass and they are both green.

I think I would love a few dark green velvet panels from Pottery Barn for Winter. There is something soo lux about velvet panels. Pottery Barn used to carry velvet panels. I think when I can, I will "window shop" at our local Pottery Barn in Midtown. I always say, "everything starts with a dream and a vision."

This is an example of an outdoor goblet from Caspari's online website. I love "spying" all kinds of things to share with my readers on this blog.

Share with me some of your favorite colors to decorate your home in a comment. I would love to hear from you guys!

This green vase is a "find" from my local Kroger's store purchased around 2007 or 2008. I can not even remember how much I paid for it; I just thought it was special. Many things I love do not cost much money, but they "pack a design punch" that satisfies me all of the time. I handle it like it is a treasure, and of course it is green.  The flowers of today are sunflowers and white lilies, that are trying to bloom, well some of them.  I post pictures of flowers and wine because I think they are the answer to a  "civilized" life, during "uncivilized" times. We all have something that brings us comfort, and these are two of mine.

Well I hope you enjoyed our time together while reading my humble thoughts in this post. Leave a comment for me! xoxo 


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