Thursday, January 6, 2011

Special Occasion Wines

There are just times when it is appropriate to splurge and get a great bottle of wine. The holidays, a new job, a promotion, birthday, well you get the picture. Here are a few wines that are my picks for those special times.

This wine has a dark garnet color. The nose has aromas of dark fruit, blackberries, blueberries, black cherries and a hint of spice. The palate mirrored the nose with an addition of notes of vanilla, cedar and a hint of chocolate. The mouth feel was soft and elegant, with enough structure that gives this wine a wonderful balance. This wine paired well with a steak. I think it would also pair well with aged cheddar and blue cheeses. Note: This wine was a sample provided by Jordan Winery. SRP $52.00

Sparkling wines and Champagne are always on my list of special occasion wines. To be honest I like to drink them to celebrate life. Sometimes things are great, and others they are not so great; so anytime I need to validate my existence and have a bottle of bubbly, I celebrate life. One of my favorite champagnes is Moet & Chandon White Star, another is Pommery Brut Royal. So when champagne is my drink of choice, these are my two standby wines.

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  1. Years ago, I went to Jordan in October to photograph their winery cat. The ivy on the building was a brilliant red... It was so amazing. The wine is also wonderful.