Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Review: the Saucy Sisters Guide To Wine What every girl should know before she Unscrews! by Barbara Nowak & Beverly Pittman

I must say that this book was a joy to read. Barbara & Beverly A.K.A the Saucy Sisters really provided the proper information on wine, for a beginner to a person who has a good amount of wine knowledge and those in between. They shared information about themselves, to introduce you to how their sisterhood turned into a friendship, and led them to their career path in the world of wine. The voice of the book is part " wine girlfriend" and part "wine educator." The style of the book is easy to read, and they break down a lot of basic wine information in ways that truly helps the reader understand the world of wine.

They put icons, Screw Tip = Savvy Wine Advice, Screw U = Higher Wine Education, Unscrewy = Unscrewy Questions = We've Got Answers to help in the educational process, that are fun and informative. The basic varietal information is there with alternative wines to try if you want to venture off from your "usual" white or red wine favorites. I like that fact that they provide "options", this helps the new Oenophile (wine lover) begin to expand their wine journey.

The concept of the screw cap is still a huge debate; but the sisters and myself see the value of a screw cap. I must admit, I still love the romance  of uncorking a bottle of wine sometimes, but screw caps are great for preserving wine for a few days. I guess they, "screw caps", serve a good purpose for folks who don't have a wine drinking partner, and thus have leftover wine.

The book covers wine pairing suggestions, how to order wine in a restaurant, how to pronounce the names of wine varietals, glassware, information about wines from all regions and so much more.

I think this book would make an excellent Christmas gift for the Oenophiles on your Christmas list. Note: This book was a sample for my review from the authors. SRP $13.95
The book can be purchased from the Saucy Sisters website, and they will personalize it for you or you can purchase the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble's website.

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