Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sparkling Wine & Goat Cheese

Sparkling wine and goat cheese is a wonderful pairing. I like Garrotxa cheese broken into chard's with a Brut Sparkling wine. No cooking just broken chard's of this cheese in a lovely bowl.

Another favorite is Humboldt Fog by Cypress Grove Chevre on a thin slice of French bread with a glass of sparkling wine.
Add a glass of Roederer Estate Brut sparkling wine and you have a great pairing. 

Another favorite is Cypress Grove Chevre's Truffle Tremor and a sparkling Rose`. This goat cheese has truffles in it and the earthiness of the truffles pairs beautifully with a sparkling wine that is primarily made of Pinot Noir.
Truffle Tremor

I like to let the goat cheese come to room temperature and put a little on a thin slice of French bread.
Try having a sparkling wine and goat cheese platter at your next gathering. Note: I like my goat cheese to be young. As it ages, the flavors intensify; I like the fresh taste. So always check out the maturity of the cheese before you purchase the cheese.

This is a lovely sparkling wine to pair with Truffle Tremor goat cheese.

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