Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wine and Home Decor

Lenox Tuscany Classics Grand Bordeaux
Well, I'm sure you know how much I love wine and the oenophile lifestyle. There are so many things I see in catalogs and websites that catch my eye because they are wine inspired. Elegance meets utility is my decorating style. Wine stemware is a passion of mine. I use stemware that has a big bowl and good weight when serving wine. My favorite stemware is Lenox Tuscany Classics. I drink my big reds in this glass, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Zinfandel. The glass has such a nice size bowl you can really get a great swirl to open up the aromas on those red wines. I really love the entire line of this pattern. It can be used for everyday and to set your dining room table with your good china. I must admit I should utilize  my dining room more often. My excuse before Hurricane Katrina was that I had carpet on the dining room floor and wine and food would damage the floor; now I have hardwood, so really no more excuses.

I don't own this collection, but boy is it beautiful. The Marble Grapevine Collection at  Another item at Napa Style is this chandelier. I would love to see how it looks in person and see reviews of this item.

Bottle stoppers and my one antique corkscrew represent a sense of style, substance and practicality in my home. If you have been reading my blog, I just adore this bottle stopper; I have yet to order it because it is so pricey. It really is an Object d' Art and it is the symbol of my hometown of New Orleans; the Fleur de Lis.

The wine cellar or sometimes called the wine refrigerator is a nice alternative to a room which has the racking and temperature control that is truly an in-home wine cellar.  It allows you to have your favorite wines on hand stored at the right temperature and lets your family and friends know you are truly an oenophile. I would love to upgrade to this unit one day!

Sub Zero 424 Free Standing Wine Cellar

I love these cheese knives from Pottery Barn. I own the ice scoop from this collection and it is wonderful!
Pottery Barn Antique Cheese Knives

Cheese deserves to be handled properly and I think these knives will do the job.

Wine Pillow

This nice wine inspired vignette has empty wine bottles used as a candle holder. These are iron candle holder inserts  and wine pillow  can be found at I love how they look inserted in my favorite empty bottles. Be mindful that the candles do drip, so I put a place mat or a piece of cloth under my bottle holders. The look is so elegant and rustic for the cost of a few dollars and an empty wine bottle.

Caspari wine Label Cocktail Napkins

I am a sucker for great cocktail napkin or great paper products. Caspari is always my splurge when I want to purchase something fabulous that won't break the bank. I feel like I can have a small bit of luxury for me and my guests. Believe me, your guests will appreciate these small touches and feel so welcomed in your home.

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