Saturday, November 20, 2010

It Is All About Style and Faith

Interior design has a lot to say about a person's sense of style, who they are and how they like to entertain. I love traditional Italian design. My Dining room has that styling with my own touch; so the china speaks to that relaxed elegance. Sad to say that I have not been using the dining room or the china; but they are there when I decide to engage in a little luxury. I have many pieces from the Mosaico D'Italia - Fruittifero collection by Lenox stored in my server.

Accent Plate

Dinner Plate


Dessert Plate

 I love the fact that the china is earthy, beautiful and has artwork of the bounty. We all should realize how lucky we are to have a great meal, especially one served in style. I always am aware of that when I eat something that taste wonderful to me; knowing that there is someone out there who would love to be in my shoes ( having something to eat).  The economy is rough; I feel it everyday. But we have to dream of a better time and plan for the future.

I love simple stemware for wine. The color of the wine is the ornamentation for the glass in my opinion. I love the Tuscany Classics Collection by Lenox. The weight is good and the bowls are large enough to "swirl" my big reds like Merlot, Syrah, Zinfandel, Meritages and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tuscany Classics® Crystal Grand Bordeaux Wine Glasses by Lenox, Set of 4

Personal Note of Humility: I remember when I wanted to build a house in the 1990's in my hometown of New Orleans.There was not a lot of money, but there was a dream. The dream was to have a beautiful home that my family would be comfortable in and be proud to call home. I got a plain old school notebook and cut out pictures of furniture, lighting and all kinds of home ideas and pasted them in the notebook. I added notes and called it my Dream House Ideas. Well those ideas came int fruition in the December of 1999. I had almost five years of living in my home and sharing it with family and friends. I began my wine and food writing at my kitchen desk in that house in New Orleans in the early spring of 2005.

I started a newsletter entitled Life's Little Luxuries Newsletter. My friends and I had wine tastings and I prepared appetizers and meals to introduce them into the world of wine. Those were great times; the ladies always really enjoyed those wine gatherings. I even had a built in wine cellar in my kitchen, this let people know that I was serious about my wine! The wine cooler was in black in the old house, because I was iffy about this new thing called "stainless steel" in the late 90's. So this is kinda what the old one looked like.

KitchenAid Wine Cooler

Then the summer of 2005 erased it all with Hurricane Katrina. So, I started over three years ago in another home, not a custom built home, but my new home. I planned and made some progress in making this house our home, and all things came to a halt after my job ended in my new home in Little Rock, AR. So, planning is a way of maintaining faith, while having all ideas ready to go into action when things get better.

Italian design is a "relaxed elegance" with earthy colors that are just so real to me. I watched the movie Under The Tuscan Sun and loved the landscape, homes and furniture; it all had a "sense of place". I also love this plaque; it really speaks that a wine lover lives in the space.

I love this eye catching vignette of a dining room. It just looks like Tuscany.Tuscan Villa

Well, I just wanted you to get a peep into my decorating style. Send me a comment and let me know what's your style...

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