Thursday, November 25, 2010

What to Make of Scoring Wine

Jute Wine Bags

I can take it or leave it when it comes to scoring wine; basically it is just means of measurement. Some of the elite wine experts can really influence how well a winery does financially by the scores they appoint to their wines. When I review wines, I upload them on the ebacchus site which has a scoring method of grapes. The score of five grapes is the highest and one grape the lowest. When I place reviews on and on this blog, I don't appoint any method of scoring, just the review.

 Those readers who share my palate will usually appreciate my recommendations. I try to be very fair when reviewing a wine; because wine lovers want honesty.  In this economic climate who wants to purchase a bottle of wine, only to throw it down the drain; I know I don't!  If a wine is not pleasing to me I will not post a review.  Also, I always note if a wine is a sample from a winery; which now is a law by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Nickel Silver Plated Wine Coaster

Price is not a factor in regards to my scoring of wines. I love to find a good wine under $15.00 or less. Sometimes to get a really good wine you have to pay a little more or sometimes a lot more. That is the funny thing about a bottle of wine; you never really know what is inside the bottle.

Many wine lovers like to put the wines in brown paper bags and sometimes fool their friends who they perceive to be wine snobs. The will have a mixed price range of wines and love to see their friends favor the less expensive bottle of wine over the expensive one. This can happen a lot because there are some great wines on the market from all over the world.

I have begun to wonder if I should begin  to score wines numerically on this blog and on examiner? Is a review of a wine really enough to satisfy the readers interest on how good a wine really tastes, or should numbers complete the evaluation of the wine? I would love to know what you think; leave me a comment!

I always like to place pictures of beautiful wine accessories in my posts. The wine bags and wine coaster is from Wisteria.

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