Monday, November 15, 2010

A Foodie and her Cookbooks

This is an appetizer cookbook that has impressed me! Hors d'oeuvres by Eric Treuille &  Victoria Blashford-Snell is a beautiful, well informed, instructional cookbook with great recipes. The book is inexpensive and can make any home cook look like a chef, with the simple but tasty recipes.

The recipes give you the baseline knowledge to add your own touch and create your own recipe. You can substitute cheeses, herbs, mushrooms and meats to change up the great recipes. It is like "appetizer cooking school" in an at home text course; learn at your own pace.

So many people are smart, but feel intimidated about cooking; but if they can follow instructions and have access to wine recommendations they can be the perfect host or hostess. This book is a book to have in your cookbook collection.

I love "good" cookbooks; and I think all home cooks should have a few on hand to create new dishes for family or friends.

One final note, have a glass of wine when cooking, it makes the time go by....

And always find humor in your day.. I just love this cartoon; it reminds me that snobbery has no place in the world of wine. If the bears can be civilized oenophiles, than so can we!

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