Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wine and Food Related Videos

I wish that there were more movies that the focus was  food and wine. Most Oenophiles and Foodies love to see their passions on the silver screen. We all know bout the movie Sideways that made Merlot have a bad name and Pinot Noir a star. There have been other wine movies, but I have one to be enjoyable as Sideways.

Food movies are limited as well. So far the movie Julie & Julia is my favorite. I think I love the passion the two women have for food and life and the fact that both of their husbands were so supportive of their passion. Julie is a character that I can relate to; she has a passion for cooking, entertaining and she realizes that she has knowledge that is valuable to others. I am so glad that I have readers who read my work on different sites. I'm reminded from time to time by my readers that they value me, and that means more than words can ever say...

Andrea Immer Robinson is the go to sommelier to learn about wine in a relaxed, but educational forum. So check out her DVD; it is available online at

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