Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Cooking

Well today is Sunday. I'm having to cook today; so we are having rib eye steaks. I'm going to have steak fries and a salad along with the steak. I had my husband go to the store for the steaks (on sale at our local Kroger's) and wanted some Stubb's Beef Marinade to marinate the steaks. Of course my husband said, "Is this the right stuff?" And you know when I looked it was not! So, as any cook would do, I made my own. No use in using a product that you know nothing about, which could ruin good steaks. So, I scratched my head, so to speak and created my own steak marinade. I used fresh sage, fresh rosemary (both from my potted garden), liquid smoke, good balsamic vinegar, melted I Can't Believe it's not butter, Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning, garlic powder, a bit of sea salt, Victoria's Gourmet New Orleans Seasoning, sugar, lemon juice, olive oil and a bit of Merlot.

I whisked it all together while sipping on a cocktail. I added the Domaine de Canton ginger flavored liqueur and ginger ale and a bit of lemon while making my marinade. I have to say that it was a very nice cocktail. The lemon or lime is needed to balance the sweetness of the drink. I loved the spice from the ginger, plus it put me in the mood to cook. Marinades can be whatever flavors you want them to be; to day herbs and wine are the stars of my marinade. The steaks are still marinating, so I'll have to give you the results in my next blog...

Well, I'll have to have a glass of Merlot with the steak; the bottle was opened.  I wish I had a glass of Cab to go with the steak; but I'll have to go with the flow...

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