Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Method of Wine Scoring

Some may find my method of wine scoring hard to figure out. I review wines and post them on and sometimes on (Little Rock Wine Examiner) . The scoring system is based on grapes, one grape being the lowest score and five grapes being the highest score. I review ones based on their merit (taste) regardless of their price. Some wines which may be listed as a QPR are wines that are a bargain as it relates to their taste or quality. There may be a wine that gets four grapes and it costs $13.50 and a wine that is given four grapes and it could cost $50.00; it dose not matter, tastes is the bottom line. Now, there are different "tiers" of wine, meaning your entry level wines versus your cuvee` or cult wines; but each wine is reviewed based on their own merit.

Remember, taste, and what taste good to you is the deciding factor on how valuable a wine is to you! I am not a wine snob; I am a wine lover. There are not many of us who can just buy cult wines or wines that are made to cellar and expensive wines that we can drink everyday or a few times a week. Most of us buy wines to drink when we want to drink them. Sure, we may have a few to cellar; I don't, not yet!

Scoring does have its place in the wine world. It helps some to determine which wines they want to purchase. Finding a wine expert that you happen to share a palate with helps when reading wine magazines. I have found that I share a similar palate with Steve Heimoff of Wine Enthusiast magazine and a love for bubbles like Andrea Immer Robinson.


Rodney Strong Charlotte's Home Sauvignon Blanc SRP $13.50 Highly Recommended


Domaine Carneros 2006 Brut SRP $26.00 Highly Recommended

Two totally different wines in two different price ranges, both highly recommended.

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